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The Sundarban is rich in the folk culture and Sundarban festival. Bengali folk songs and dances are basically based on mythology, folk tales, gods and goddesses. Some of these gods and goddesses include Goddess Bonbibi, Shah Jangoli, Dakshin Rai, Manasa, and Chand Sadagar. The famous ancient Bengali folk take Manasamangal is based on Netidhopani where one of the three watches towers for animal sighting is located.

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Coming to Sundarban festivals, the goddess Bonbibi, also known as Bandevi, Bandurga or Byaghradevi is the goddess of the Sundarban forest. The goddess Banbibi s a huge part of the local people’s day to day life. Goddess Banbibi is believed to be the protector of the forest. The locals worship her for the safety and security of their lives from the dangers that the forests hide. The worship of the goddess banbibi is celebrated as an important festival in the Sundarban. The festival takes place in the month of March and the tourists are always welcome to join in the celebration in case they wish for a Sundarban tour during the spring season. Goddess Banbibi is mostly worshipped by honey collector and woodcutters before they enter the forest, praying for protection against tiger attacks.

Another festival celebrated by the people of Sundarban is the Rash Mela. It is a rural fair hat is held in the month of February in the village of Jamesport. Tourists are always welcome to join in the celebrations. In case one decides to have a Sundarban tour in the month of February, they should definitely include a visit to Jamespore in the Sundarban tour package.

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