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sundarban hilsa festival


Sundarban foods are famous for its sea and river fish. There are so many fisheries on the way to Sundarban from Kolkata. Bengali  special type of  Sundarban Food cuisine during a Sundarban tour like tiger prawn curry, crab curry, Hilsa fish curry is a popular dish in Sundarban. Sundarban is rich in the Bengali culture and one always has the option to go to resorts and hotels in Sundarban that serve various types of cuisines made by fish. If you hire a launch or Motorized boat for the Sundarban tour, there is always a chef present in the launch or boat. They allow tourists to have a different type of Bengali dishes in the boat itself. One special item that everyone must add in a Sundarban tour package is the Hilsa fish or as the Bengalis say “Ilish Maach”. One can try fishes, crabs and other seafood directly and freshly caught from the sea. Though they do not have any special cuisine, the various types of food items that tourists from round the globe must absolutely try are as follows:

  1. Hilsa Fish or Ilish Maach: The Hilsa fish is a famous Sundarban food is one of the signature dishes of the Bengalis. It can be prepared as a curry or fried Bhapa Ilish is something that is exceptionally delicious and requires effortless cooking. It is prepared by steaming the hilsa fish in mustard oil, turmeric, green chili, and salt. The spicy flavor of the Bengalis is mouth-watering and the freshwater fishes make the dish even more delicious. Hilsa is considered one of the traditional Bengali dishes and one should definitely try to include a dish prepared with hilsa during a Sundarban tour package.
  2. Chingri maacher malaikari: Another of Bengals special dishes ids chingri maacher malaikari. It is also a non-veg dish that Bengalis truly love to have. “Chingri maach” or prawn can easily be found in the freshwater rivers of Sundarban. This dish is easily available in the resorts of Sundarban tourism department. The prawn is prepared with a creamy, coconut, delicious gravy, flavored with cinnamon and green cardamoms or Chota elichi. Both Golda chingri (giant freshwater prawn) and bagda chingri (tiger prawn) can be used for the preparation of this dish and are easily available.
  3. Kosha mangsho: The Bengali Mutton or Chicken Kasha or curry is another of the signature dishes of the Bengalis. This dish originated from a restaurant in Kolkata names Golbari and has been famous ever since. The dish is also available in Sundarban as the boats get their grocery for preparation of all the food items beforehand. Kosha Mangsho is a dry, slow-cooked, dark brown chicken/mutton curry served with chapattis or rice,

There are several other dishes that are available in the Sundarban like Bhetki Paturi, Katla curry, etc. Tourists can also enjoy sweets like langcha, rossogolla, sitabhog, joyenogorer moya, etc.

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Sundarban Tour Package


Sundarban Tour Package