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Sundarban location

Sundarbans charms the tourists in many ways. It not only amazes the tourists because of the Sundarban lifestyle culture and its flora and fauna but the wild fascinates the most. It’s diversified flora and fauna attracts tourists round the year. This unique tourist spot is situated in the delta region of Bay of Bengal where Ganges, Hooghly, Padma, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers meet. It is the world’s largest delta known as the Ganga – Brahmaputra Delta.

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Sundarban Beliefs and Rituals

The Sundarbans’ forest dwellers have certain beliefs over time, have bit by bit embraced a culture of their own. There are certain rituals as well as religious festival observed in Sundarban. For instance, the annual festival within Dubla Island (Bangladesh) that takes place on Raash Purnima is celebrated throughout the month of November. The Hindu community from India and different states usually visit the forest throughout this period and take a holy dip within the waters and build offerings for a fulfillment want. Bonbibi is another Superpower who is popularly worshipped in the Sundarbans as the savior of the natives. Bonbibi, who is considered as the omnipotent power who looks after the welfare of the dwellers of the forest. Bonbibi is very popular among both the communities, the Hindus as well as the Muslims.

Among all the Gods and Deities are Manik Pirs, Olabibi, Manasa, Gazi Saheb, Sa Janguli etc. But among these, Dakshin Rai holds a special place. Worshipping Dakshin Rai is a must for the people before they enter the forest. Dakshin Rai could be a legend and is adored by all, irrespective of their caste and creed and is considered as the God of the Tigers.

Any forest going woodcutter or honey collector first prays the deities of Bonbibi and Dokhhinrai, which are usually placed at the edge of forests. Importantly in spite of quick depletion and lesser dependence on forest manufacture for living in conjunction with gradual rigidifying of religions, the syncretic essence of Bonbibi has not receded in the remote areas of Sundarbans. For the previous few years, the individuals of the kalitala village in north twenty-four parganas are encapturing the whole life history of Bonbibi by displaying a panel of clay pictures that is quite 250 in ranges. The residents of the Sundarbans refers to Bonbibi as a Musalmani Hindu deity, the practice approach is completely different within the 2 communities residing therein space. Bonbibi is originally known by the Hindus as an immortal with monotheism backgrounds all individuals.

The Culture

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It is copied in varied Bengali folks songs and dances centering the people heroes, many deities and goddesses are a  specific to the Sunderbans (Bonbibi and Dakshin Rai) and to the lower Gangetic Delta (Maa Manasa and Chand Sadagar). Manasamangal, a Bengali folk epic includes couple of passages set in the Sunderbans when the heroine Behula’s quests to bring Lakhindar, her husband, back to life.

Sunderbans has been the subject of multiple non-fiction books, such as The Man-Eating Tigers of Sundarbans by Sy Montegomery. This book was additionally shortlisted for the Dorothy solitaire Fisher Children’s Book Award. Emily Eden discusses her travels through the Sunderbans in her book “Up the Country”. Apart from these, numerous documentary films have been shot with Sunderbans as the subject. 2003 IMAX production “Shining Bright” that centered on the Royal tiger is one in all those. The popular BBC TV series “Ganges” that documented the lives of Sundarbans’ villagers, honey collectors is additionally worth-mentioning. Apart from these the forest dwellers also worships snakes, tigers, trees to overcome any difficulty.

Maybe Sundarban is a god gifted place to the locals with some beautiful and ferocious species but it also serves as a great tourist destination for making an adventurous tour. So if you have not taken the adventurous tour yet, then join as soon as possible to the Land of the Tigers.

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