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Zuluk Silk Route

Zuluk Silk Route Route

Zuluk silk route is a tiny village set at a height of around 10,000 feet in East Sikkim, India. it could be a comparatively new traveler’s destination of East Sikkim. It’s a tiny low village with an oversized military settlement, providing the Indo-Tibet border is near. The village itself is a beautiful traveler’s destination for guests trying to find a quiet sojourn. For many tourists, however, it’s the bottom from that they explore the upper altitude travelers destinations of Gnathang Valley, Kupup and Tsongmo lake.
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The weather of Zuluk Silk Route

The weather of Zuluk Silk Route is cooling all through the year because the hight of Zuluk is about 10000 ft from the sea level.  October to March is the ideal time to visit Zuluk and enjoy Zuluk Silk Route. Sky will be clear this time and tourist could see Mt. Kanchenjungha from Zuluk Homestay.

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History Of Zuluk Silk Route 

Silk route Sikkim that connected Lhasa (Tibet) to Kalimpong, West Bengal, was in use even a couple of decade’s a gone till the Chinese invasion of Tibet. It had been ordinarily utilized by traders traveling to Tibet through Jelep-la.
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Zuluk derives its importance because of the superb view of Mt. Kanchenjunga from here. 

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Zuluk Tour needs special Silk route tour permits. The permits are available at Rongli Check post, Sikkim. During the summer months, hills are blooming with Rhododendrons flowers bush.
If you’re traveling from NJP / Bagdogra, you’ve to come to Rongli for the entry permit of Sikkim Silk Route. From here a car can take you to Zuluk village through Rorathang village. Tourist is planning for  Zuluk tour from West  Bengal region, that’s the Kalimpong subdivision, would reach Zuluk through Pedong, Reshi, Aritar route.
Zuluk could be a place that you’d visit for the sweetness of the mountain and also the forests.

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Old Silk Route Tour

Old Silk Route Tour

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Old Silk route Tour becoming more popular day by day for its wonderful virgin beauty and its local people who offering homestay with good hospitality services to the tourist.

Old Silk Route is a large business set-up that was connected with India and China in ancient times.

Why is it known as Silk Route? Because it was the heart of the silk trade between the two countries, India and China. The entire silk route extends to China, India, Persia, Middle Eastern states, Egypt and Europe.

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In India, the access of the Silk Route road passes through the North-East Sikkim, which is known for its natural beauty. The expedition of India begins from the Gangtok, capital of Sikkim and goes to Lasha, Tibet via Zelep La Pass or Nathu La. The whole path raises you with a remarkable view of Mt.Kanchenjunga during Old Silk Route Tour Package. Silk Route Tourism has become very popular today. Sikkim Tourism has already added a great attractiveness among tourists.

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How to Start your Old Silk Route Tour?

Travel from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station or Bagdogra airport. Now Start your  Road trip to Old Silk Route. Let’s first come to Aritar village. Here you can enjoy LamPokhari Lake, Aritar  Monastery, Mankhim Hill, Aritar Dakbungalow. You can spend your night at a good  Aritar Homestay.

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Aritar is a small village, located on the lap of the Himalayas, with panoramic scenes of the Himalayas, which will make your soul pleasant. Aritar is known for its natural beauty and scenery, as this place is surrounded by  Himalayan mountains. It is an amazing tourist destination near Lake Lampokhari.  Lake Aritar is one of the oldest lakes of Sikkim and the main tourist attraction. Lampokhari Lake is the highest navigation lake in Sikkim. It is a new unusual destination in eastern Sikkim and growing popularity among the tourist community worldwide.

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Early morning,  start trekking to reach to the Mankhim Hill. From here you will see the sunrise on the top of the mt. Kanchanjunga. After that,  have morning breakfast and leave for Rangli. On the way, Rishi river will be seen.

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Rishikhola is the small valley on the river banks.  Rishikola takes its name from the river Rashi. This quiet place is an ideal place to stay away from the crowd of the city. Tourists can enjoy nature in their purest form. By staying in Rishikhola homestay overnight, the sound of a stream comes, which is perfect for nature lovers. This place is surrounded by green forests and mountains. Visitors can enjoy swimming and fishing in the river’s clean waters.

Permit for Old Silk route Tour from Rongli Check post

After visiting Rishikhola, now the time has come to get your Silk route permit from Rongli permit office.

Rongli is a very small town in East Sikkim part which allows the route to reach China via Silk route. Rongli is a major trade center, which is an important trade center. The major destinations connecting Rongpo to Gangtok. On the way to Rongali, there are other destinations including Sijney, Qkhola waterfalls, Lingtam,, Nimachen, etc. Relieve your tired eyes, especially if you do not have a lot of urban! Although there is nothing good to see here, there is a business center and market, which is one of the main centers of interest. In addition to this, you can choose the easiest way to enjoy the natural selection of green hills.

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After getting the permit from Rongli permit office, the best part of the Silk Route Tour is being started.

Lingtam village on the way. Here there is a Buddhist monastery on the hill, and on the way to Nimachen, Padamchen village from Lingtam, the hanging bridge, along with the waterfall in the screen. Lingtam is a quiet village and there are many homestay’s. The remaining places of the Silk Route can also cover after staying in Lingmuk Homestay.

An important place for Sikkim Silk Route is the Nimachen village. There is a sanctuary which is located throughout the whole place. The height of Nimatchane is 8000 ft. On the lap of the Himalaya, Nimachen village is very favorite among nature lovers. Nimachen Homestay is very famous for its hospitality.

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Next Tourist Destination and the most demanded place in the whole Silk route is Zuluk valley.  Zuluk is most beautiful place surrounded by a green valley and Nag Temple. A small sleeping village on a hill, at 10,100 feet high. It offers a panoramic view of the entire range of Kanchenjunga, 14 kilometers away from here. The Zuluk is famous for its Nag temples, which worship Indian mythological god Naga or King Cobra as their divine form. There is rich biodiversity housing in zoology, which includes many beautiful birds such as radical, ice and blood membrane. And if you are a lucky soul, you can see very rare red pandas. Zuluk Homestay provides a warm welcome to the tourist who visits Old Silk Route.

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On the way to Gnathang is a 95 pin bending road namely Zig Zag Road or Panther Road. Local people also call it as Bhulbhulaiya. This road is lying on the Zuluk Valley. Ganek viewpoint, Thumbi View Point, Lungthung viewpoints on Zigzag roads are famous sunrise points in Sikkim Old Silk Route.

After visiting Zuluk , Zigzag road, now you can enjoy most beautiful snow-capped GNathang valley, at 13,500 feet high. it is called the Kashmir of North East Sikkim.

Gnathang Valley with War memorial and Kanchanjungha View Point:

Nathang Valley is a great place located at 13,500 feet.  Its identity as the most beautiful valley during your Silk Route tour package. Mount Kanchenjunga is very clearly seen from here. Ice is found almost all year round here. From now on you can see War Memorial and let’s go to Yak Golf course. Anyone can stay in Gnathang Homestay and feel its hospitality during Old Silk Route Package. 

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Now some famous spot which you must need to cover during Silk Route Package tours. Without these places, Old Silk route tourism can not complete.

Tukla Valley is the must-visit Tourist spot in Sikkim Old Silk Route  Tour.

The royal beauty of Kanchenjunga appears alongside its parallel peak and the valley of Tukla. Defeating in the battle of Tukla, there is a war memorial dedicated to British soldiers.

Kupup lake is one of the major tourist attraction during Silk Route Tour Package

Is very close to the valley of Tukla. It is locally known as “Bitin Cha” and it is the most sacred lake of Sikkim. With its panther road and crystal apparent water, it is a beautiful lake remarkably resembling an elephant, hence the name of the lake of elephants. Also located on the Indo-Chinese border, it is located at 13,066 feet high and located just a few kilometers away from the Jepala Pass. Yak Golf Course and Old Dad Temple are both located here.

Memencho Lake is the beautiful sacred lake in east Sikkim.

It is a beautiful lake with crystal clear water. It is 12,500 feet high. Surrounded by green forest and mountain.  There is no motorable road to reach at Memencho lake so the only way to reach by trekking to minimum 4 kilometres.  This is one of the popular sacred lakes of East Sikkim.

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Old Baba Mandir built-in The memory of Sipahi Harbhajan Singh

Old Baba Mandir has been made in memory of Sipahi Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan Singh was a resident of Punjab and he was a member of the Indian Army. Due to the severe rain, flood, and landslide in Sikkim and North Bengal in 1968, it was much damaged.

Harbhajan Singh went to work with the Rescue team this time. Slip his legs during work and go after a ditch. He was missing her body for many days. After some days, he appeared in a dream to his friend  Pritam Singh and said where his body is. He also said that to build a memorial for him.  Harbhajan Sing Memorial is known to them all as Baba Mandir. During Silk Route Tour it is must visit Place and it is located at the height of 4000 meters near Kupup Valley.

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