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Mother Teresa House Kolkata


The Mother house is a holy place of pilgrimage and a place to seek peace and tranquility beyond the bondage existence of the monotonous metro life of the Kolkata city. Missionary of Charity’s Mother house was established in 1950 by Mother Teresa and her small group of dedicated path followers to provide selfless service with the vow of ‘unconditional and open service to the poorest of the poor’. Their target was to care for ” the hungry, the homeless, the naked, the crippled, the blind, the lepers and all those people who feel unwanted unloved and uncared for throughout society that has become a burden for the society and is shunned by everyone.”

Location of Mother Teresa’s House at Kolkata

The Mother Teresa House- Missionaries of charity is situated near Ripon street, the nearest landmark being Sealdah Loreto convent.

Following footsteps of Missionaries

Established in the name of Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa made it a caring home for the refugees, former prostitutes, mentally ill, abandoned children, lepers, people with AIDS, the aged and convalescent. Following the prospects of the missionary, services are provided to the people regardless of religion and social status.

History of Mother Teresa House

On October 7th, 1950, the Missionaries of Charity was founded by Mother Teresa with the purpose of serving the mass below poverty level wholeheartedly. The original institution was established in the name of Diocesan Congregation of the Calcutta Diocese. Initially, it started as a small community of twelve members in Calcutta, and with the passage of time, it came to be known as Missionaries of Charity.

In 1965, by granting a decree of praise, Pope Paul Vl granted Mother Teresa’s request to expand her congregation to other countries around the world.

The congregation’s first establishment outside the country was in Venezuela, followed by Rome and Tanzania among many others like Asia, Africa, Europe, and Albania, and simultaneously witnessed its successful establishment in more than hundred countries by 1996. Now, society comprises over 4500 sisters as its members and is operated over 133 countries. They have 19 homes in Kolkata at present which includes homes for women, orphaned children, homes for the dying, a school for street children and a leper colony.

The entrance

The entrance itself is an entity of simplicity and uncomplicated form of existence that is equally reflective of her lifestyle, the corridor featuring a few spotted plants, a statue of Mary and of mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa’s Tomb

Saint Teresa left her mortal body on 5th September 1997 and was laid to rest in a tomb within her house where she lived and served. Unlike the world’s massive mausoleum monuments over the tombs, Mother Teresa’s tomb was housed maintaining that clarity, purity, and simplicity that she held throughout her life. Some brightly coloured flowers and few candles dazzling in the midst of the dimly lit room adorn the tomb. Few rare portraits of Mother Teresa surround the tomb which enlivens the sound atmosphere of the house.

Teresa Museum

The adjacent room beside the chapel and the tomb was transmuted into a museum for the sake of the tourists for a detailed vision on her simple lifestyle possessing some of her belongings- her sarees, sandals and her bag.

The room of her own

The most significant attraction of this house is the personal room of Mother Teresa where she lived for long fifty years. It is a small room with a single bed- a light metal frame topped with a thin mattress, a desk and a bench. Simplicity touches her possessions as an identification of herself.

Visiting time for tourists

The house along with its museum is open everyday except Thursday and remains close exceptionally on Easter Sunday and the 26th of December. The visiting hours for both the house and the museum is between 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM.Entry within the house is not chargeable . Prayers and petitions can be placed in the box on Mother Teresa’s tomb during visit snd all the petitions are offered on the alter during the weekly Friday mass.

To quote her- “I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples”

And it is herself who created many ripples throughout the world. While the world is going gaga with magnificent, splendid and pompous monuments, Mother house provides a house for Kolkata heritage walkers to seek peaceful entity and search the true meaning of life and existence. The simplicity of this place is so heartwarming that it makes its way straight into the soul. After experiencing the quietness and serenity, one can spend some time interacting with the sisters of the missionaries of charity and witness their tireless attempts for the upliftment of the ill and the underprivileged.


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Indian Museum Kolkata

Indian Museum

Indian Museum falls under the category of top 20 places to see in Kolkata. It was established in 1814 at the trivet of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Indian Museum is the ancient and the largest multipurpose Museum not only in the Indian subcontinent but also in the Asia – Pacific region of the world. The olden times of the dedication and the growth of the Indian Museum have noted as one of the remarkable phenomena’s towards the development of heritage and culture of India. The concept of installing museums evoked in 1796 from the members of the Asiatic Society as a place where man-made and natural objects could be stored, protected and displayed to common mass for distributing knowledge. The motive began to look accomplishable when the society itself was offered accommodation by the government of India in the Chowringhee park street area. The museum is known by varied names such as Asiatic society Museum, Imperial Museum and then later as Indian society. It brings back the reminiscence of the era of British imperialism in Kolkata and all over India.

Establishment of the Museum

In 3rd February 1814 Nathaniel Wallich a Danish botanist become the founder and curator of the museum. He wrote a letter supporting the formation of a museum in Calcutta. He also mentioned that there should be sections consisted of an archaeological, ethnological, technical and a zoological, geological section. He also donated a number of botanical specimens from his own personal collection. The movement which was initiated in 1814 was the dawn of a significant era pioneering the socio-cultural and scientific achievements of the country. Besides, it is also recognized as the beginning of the modern period and the end of the medieval time span.

Rear Collections 

The museum has diverse collections of antiques, fossils, armor, archaic Jewellery, skeletons, mummies and Mughal paintings of 1600ce so on and so forth. It has five sections comprising thirty-five galleries each of them occupies manifold importance. These include cultural and scientific vestiges belonging to different branches of art, archaeology, zoology, geology, anthropology and economic botany. One can find many rare and extinct specimens both Indian and trans-India linked to natural sciences, humanities carefully conserved and highlighted in the galleries of these sections. The authoritative control of the cultural divisions such as art, anthropology rests with the board of Trustees under its Directorate and the other three science sections are with Geological Survey of India, the zoological survey of India, and the Botanical Survey of India. The museum Directorate has eight correlating service units like education, preservation, publication, presentation, photography, medical and modeling, library. This multidimensional organization with manifold disciplinary activities is denoted as an institute of national importance. The present director of the Indian Museum is Mr Rajesh Purohit. The museum was closed to spectators due to refurbishment and redecoration from 1st September of 2013 to 3rd, February of 2014.In1840, the Government of India expressed acute interest in the geology and mineral resources and this led to an additional grant for the geological section alone. When the necessity of a new building aroused Walter Granville designed and completed it in 1875 for the cost of around  1,40,000rs.The zoological and Anthropological sections of the museum gave rise to the zoological survey of India in 1916, which in turn gave rise to the Anthropological Survey of India in 1945. The Scottish anatomist and zoologist John Anderson occupied the position of curator in 1865 and systemized the mammal and archeology collections. The English zoologist James wood Mason worked at the Museum from 1869 and later Anderson became the curator in 1887.

The Indian Museum has a diverse and magnificent collection of Indian, Egyptian and natural science artifices. It currently occupies a dazzling and breathtaking assemblage of an Egyptian mummy and exhibits

a splendid mansion. The Indian relics include the Buddhist stupa from Bharhut, the ashes of Buddha, the famous Ashoka pillar whose four lion symbol became the official emblem of the Republic of India. It also consists of fossils, prehistoric animals which are long gone with time an exciting art collection along with some rare antiques and a collection of meteorites. There is a Gandhara gallery which unveils sculptures from the Gandhara school of art. There is also a Bronze gallery the sculptures are dated back to second century AD. The architectural remains from Bodhgaya are shown in the Bharbhut gallery. An interesting coin gallery is there which highlights different coins belonging to various civilizations attracts the attention of the visitors in the most befitting manner. The museum has four galleries contributed to natural History. It contains primal artifacts such as a huge skeleton of a dinosaur. There are botanical, insect, mammal and bird galleries.

It is an ideal place for adventure seekers, history enthusiasts, discoverers to take a trip for a full day and visit here to delve deeper into the lost world and simultaneously have an opportunity to know about history, various branches of science, art and culture under one roof. People irrespective of gender, age, race, cast come here to have a great time to unfold the mysteries of various unique things of the world. Every year above thousands of people gathers here. People belonging to different places come here from across the globe. This is a very efficient place for students, research associates, etc. However, it is open to everyone who has the zeal to learn, grow and evolve. One cannot help but acknowledge the magnificent aura of this place. It is known as one of the major attractions for Kolkata one day tour.

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Eco Park Kolkata

Eco Park Kolkata, New town

eco park kolkata timing

An Introduction to the Park

Eco-park Kolkata(New Town) also known as ‘Prakriti Tirtha’ is a suburban park in Rajarhat and noted as one of the largest parks so far in India, falls under top 20 Kolkata Tour places for sightseeing. It is located on a 480 acres plot and is surrounded by a 104 acres waterbody with an island in the middle. The park was hypothecated by the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee in July 2011. West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation is correlated to the construction of the parks as well as other governing bodies are involved for implementation of different works inside the park. It has diverged into three wide parts such as ecological zones like wetlands, grasslands, open spaces, theme gardens, urban forest, and recreational spaces. It is expanded into varied subparts according to the diversity of fauna planted. An imitation of the seven Wonders of the world is created for the common delight.

The Wonder of the Worlds

There are huge numbers of places that attract the attention of the sightseer. Some of the places are Thailand Mask at Mask Garden, Musical fountain at Eco-park, roses blooming in the Rose Garden during winter, model of a book highlighting Rabindranath Tagore’s one of the famous poems in Bengali language, Bishnupur temple’s and the bell of Visva Bharti University, Shantiniketan replica, and waterbody, gaming zone so on and so forth helps to propel the interest of the visitors. According to the plan the park has wildflower meadows, a bamboo garden, grasslands, tropical tree garden, bonsai garden, tea garden, cactus walk, a heliconia garden, a butterfly garden, a play era for kids and an amphitheater. The park was first inaugurated by Mamata Banerjee on 29th December 2012.


Island in the Park

There is an island called “Sabuj Sathi” it is situated in the middle of a huge lake in Eco-park. The area is of 7acres and can be reached by boat only. A glasshouse has been built on this uninhabited island. The entire four sides of this glasshouse are 2,800 square feet. The 360° view of the Eco-park across the lake through the glass walls is very enthralling and enticing for the vacationers. More than 100 people can gather in Subj Sathi for official, corporate of family get-togethers. Wedding, birthday parties, product launches, brand promotions can be organized in this atmosphere of serenity and oneness with nature. There are three open-air viewings galleries, green lawn and paved pathways in the island. It is a perfect place to spend a vacation and has an amazing time with family and friends. There is also an amphitheater minutely crafted to entertain the spectators. The semicircular opening has the ability to carry up to2,000 people. The adjacent food gallery is build to treat visitors with mouth-watering snacks and special dishes. The influence of the spirit and ambiance of Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan can be traced in Rabi Aranya. As the name suggests it highlights a variety of trees and plants mentioned in his works. It has seating areas, lotus pond as well. There is a special area for tropical trees which evokes a sense of tropical forests even with the recently planted trees amidst the enchanting garden of Eco Park.

eco park kolkata

Wild flower meadow and formal garden is the heaven for flower lovers. A walk through this magnificent garden is highly recommend for the refreshment of mind and soul. There can be also found the Artist cottage it is an ideal place for the creative people who has an intense desire to create poetry and piece of art. It provides them with the poised atmosphere.

This is not all there is a playful children’s park as well with fountains, play areas, sculptures and enormous  space to encourage learning and play at the same time with a protected interesting environment. Grafitti walls are decorated with vivid colorful paintings by Jogen Chowdhury and Subhaprasanna, the two very talented and capable artist’s of our era who made the two walls as their canvas and produced commendable art works.

eco park kolkata entry fees

Gardens and Surroundings

Butterfly garden consists of different species of flowering annuals and perennials that accelerate the accommodation of large range of butterflies organised around a circular body of water. Right next to it is the golf zone offering learning courses for the beginners. There is a bamboo garden too. The food court provides budget friendly dinning offers. Nearly 20 food stalls are there. The adda zone has simple seating arrangements for light hearted conversations and fun with the musical fountain in the background. It is located in the opposite of artist’s cottage. Surprisingly, there is a tea garden near gate no 1 of Eco park which gives a feeling of the rich tea plantation gardens of Darjeeling. Mask garden has a collection of masks from different districts of West Bengal and form around the different places of the world. It is located near the Northern parking lot adjacent to the tea garden.

eco park in kolkata

Enjoyment with family and friends with Food and Fun

Thus Eco park with all its unique modes of entertainment is an ideal place to visit to spend leisure time and have a great time during vacations with family and friends. It is a great picnic spot as well with so much to discover and experience in a very pocket friendly way. It is a remarkable spot for day outing. It offers various facilities to its visitors such as it consists of a large parking area for visitors vehicle, food kiosks. A perfect destination for nature lovers to spent a day in the cradle of greenery. Many years above thousands of people come to visit this place from all over the country to have an amazing time with their loved ones.

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Birla Planetarium

Birla planetarium

birla planetarium kolkata tour
Birla Planetarium

Birla planetarium Kolkata is noted as the top 20 places to visit for Kolkata Tour. It is mostly a half-day tour. It is very remarkable to recognize that it is the largest planetarium in Asia and also the second-largest planetarium in the world. Customarily known as “Taramandal”, the planetarium was famously inaugurated on 2nd July 1963 by Jawaharlal Nehru, then Prime Minister of India. The architecture of this astonishing building is based on the Buddhist stupa based at Ranchi. The structure of this single-storeyed circular-shaped building is in the traditional Indian style. It consists of an electronics laboratory for design and fabrication of science equipment and astronomic gallery which is renowned for its huge collection of brilliant paintings and celestial models constructed by prominent astronomers.

Architecture inside

Birla planetarium Kolkata includes an astronomic observatory furnished with a Celestron-14 telescope with various accessories such as ST6 CCD camera and solar filter. It consistently arranges sky shows to dissipate the superstition about heavenly myths and make people aware of the basic concepts of astronomy. It enables the amateurs to acknowledge the diversity and mystification of the night sky. It also coordinates the activities of Amateur Astronomers Association which consists of telescope fabrication, astrophotography and conducting evening skywatch programs. All these are very exciting for the young discovering minds. The topics are varied such as the evolution of the earth, the riddles of cosmos, exploration of Mars and other planets as well. Interactive sessions are held following the magnificent sky shows. A special live discussion has been organized regularly to help high classes for their science syllabus. It offers to the public and students more than 100 astronomical projects dealing with many facts related go astronomy, astronomy physics, space science so on and so forth. It has a capacity of 6,800. Daily programs are instructed such as in English, Hindi, Bengali. Sometimes the programs are also held in Tamil and Gujrati languages as well. Extra shows are arranged in holidays as well. The planetarium was constructed by ML Dalmia and co which is owned by the board of control for cricket in India former President late Jagmohan Dalmiya.  The dome is of 23 meters made from high precision perforated aluminum sheets. There is approximately 570 push back progressively reclining seats in concentric order for the ultimate comfort of the spectators.

birla planetarium kolkata

The planetarium was closed for 28 months for renovation works and it was again reopened for public welfare and awareness on 18th July 2017. The so-called ZEISS Hybrid planetarium was installed for the newly built building with an optical-mechanical planetarium projector named STAR MASTER. It is alternatively known as ‘starl ball’ working in synch with a dome video display system. The star ball furnishes the most realistic starfield in the dome with superimposed images of constellation outlines. Space objects such as nebula and galaxies, planets and moon by the VELVET digital video system is called full-dome projection. The technical update was delivered and installed by the German company Carl Zeiss AG. The planetarium has been acknowledged under the sponsorship of an Institute involved in research and academic activities in astronomy and astrophysics since 1993. At present, M P Birla Institute of fundamental Research is engaged in the planetarium and scientific activities. Also, it has been denoted by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research organization. The planetarium has completely restructured its exhibition galleries and all public utilities for the enjoyment and well being of the visitors in addition to the sky theatre. There also exhibits a seminar hall and a well-equipped place with modern gadgets for quality teaching. A profound list of the visual display has been installed for the galleries along with interactives being easier available to the public.

kolkata tour birla platarium

Birla planetarium is an ideal place for science explorers, information seekers, and discoverers who have an immense passion for hoarding knowledge to take a one day trip around it to experience many new things and have fun at the same time. It doesn’t present things in a conventional or mundane way, as a result, the explorers will be thoroughly entertained. Also it an amazing platform for students to learn in a most exciting way about the various branches of science in a playful manner. Besides that, there are many delightful sights you discover around the planetarium. Outside the planetarium, there are also mouth-watering treats for the people. They can also have a taste of Kolkata street food. During winter times there are usually a huge number of people who gather to take a trip inside this amazing place. But there are above thousands of people throughout the whole year to visit this interesting place in Kolkata, West Bengal where knowledge meets innovation. It has varied things to discover and discuss. It beautifully clears the doubt of budding minds who possess the possibility to become future astronomers, astrophysicist so on and so forth. It plays a significant role in the scientific and educational development of the country. Located at the heart of the city of joy it enriches and propels the growth and contributes greatly to the enlightenment of the tourists in Kolkata. People irrespective of age can come here and have a delightful experience of the magnificent, mind-blowing surroundings. The place is well maintained and its architecture is commendable as well. It is one of the must-visit places during Kolkata Tour Package. Different people belong ing to dissimilar background comes every year from across the globe to witness this magnificent piece of art. It stands as a symbol of unification of art and science.

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